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Mary Of Silence

by thegooddoctor in 100 Words

From where she stood, she watched the blood soak into the hard, compacted earth. It was like watching water that has spilled from a glass onto the countertop evaporate in fast motion. Soon it would be as if the dark fluid had never been there, absorbed into this wasteland where it could serve no purpose.

Mary wanted to scream. But her voice had fled long ago. With no one willing to listen futility had eventually won out. The doctors called it aphasia.

So Mary watched her husband die. Here, freedom surely was a bitterness. Alone, she started walking towards sunset.


Speaker Blowout

by thegooddoctor in 100 Words

Lisa peered through the curtains, watching an unfamiliar man, presumably her neighbor, drag four heavy-duty concert speakers onto the lawn across the way.

She’d never actually seen this man before, despite her moving in twenty-two years ago. But his yard was always well maintained and trash left out every week.

She wondered why he’d appeared now. Two decades of curiosity and, if she admitted it to herself, spying, and she’d learned hardly a thing about him.

As the song, Every Breath You Take, played on repeat for the next 72 hours before a deputy arrived, Lisa never understood the irony.