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Brothers In Arms

by thegooddoctor in 100 Words

‘You used my envelope,’ Cian stated

‘You weren’t using it!’ his brother Padraic replied.

‘It’s my fecking envelope.’

‘There’s a draw full of envelopes!’

‘I wanted that one,’

‘It sat on the kitchen table two weeks and you didn’t touch it you fucker ya!’

‘But I was going to and I paid for the feckin’ thing!’ Cian yelled, whilst swigging some Paddy’s.

‘I’ll give you the money,’

‘I don’t want the feckin’ money, I want me envelope back.’

‘It’s gone now use one of the others!’

‘Bollocks to this shite, I’m going on the feckin’ Beer!’

‘Well feck off then….’

From Guest Contributor Valkyrie Kerry Kelly