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We are always looking for interesting stories to add to the site. If you’d like to contribute, please send your story to me at doc @ entropy2 dot com in the body of the email.

A Story in 100 Words is meant to be a community for enthusiasts of flash fiction. Whether you’re a student or a published author, we’re happy to share your stories. We encourage you to read the stories of your fellow writers as well and let them know what you think. Nothing makes a writers day so much as hearing that someone has read and enjoyed their story.

We do have a few guidelines, in addition to the word limit. Please refrain from submitting pornographic stories or hateful content. If your story seems exceedingly misogynist, racist, or unnecessarily violent, it won’t be posted. We don’t have any restrictions about language and we’re not afraid to post work that might be deemed offensive, but there should be some clear literary intent behind it. If it strikes us as hateful just to be hateful, no thanks. We are the final judges.

No attachments please.

Make it clear who to attribute the story to and provide any links you’d like us to point to.

Provide a title, but do not include the title in the final word count.

It would be much appreciated if you make sure that your story has exactly 100 words. Otherwise we will write you back and ask that you rewrite it to the exact word count. We like to use this super convenient word count tool.

Finally, please sign up for the Entropy Squared newsletter. It comes out once per month, and among other news and original content, it spotlights the best writers from the 100-word story community.

We look forward to reading your stories.

  • Drywallrocker


    The bus seat

    Moving around in the seat he tried to get comfortable, bus
    seats were not made for comfort he decided. He had no real reason for
    leaving perhaps his secret being found out was too much to bear perhaps it was just cowardice on his part. She loved him, or so she said but he had his doubts she seemed distant at times he could have sworn he smelled a man’s cologne on
    her clothing the last time they’d been together. Damned seat no matter which way you moved it was
    uncomfortable. The driver announced their arrival in the city.

  • Drywallrocker

    why would you put a submission e-mail that does not work this is why submitting online is a waste of time!

  • Thanks for the submission, but this is not how you submit stories. The instructions are pretty clearly written above.


  • Drywallrocker

    I’m sorry for mix up did you recieve my e-mail this time?

  • Drywallrocker

    I cannot find my story “I’ve changed my mind” on the site.


    ‘Three Peaks?’ ( James B. Revell)

    ‘I’m quitting,’ said Glen to his team. ‘My legs are hurting.’
    We got back to the minibus and travelled for hundreds of miles more.
    One more desolate summit, this one rain-swept, then a long uncomfortable journey home while we dozed…..
    ‘Great idea, Glen. That will raise the school’s profile!’ the Chairman of the School Board had enthused.
    We had climbed Ben Nevis first, in the early hours…..never- ending steps, ice and a bitter wind.
    ‘Think of the sponsor money’ said Glen, as usual thinking only of himself.
    Now Principal, Glen regularly impresses inspectors with his emphasis on teamwork…..

  • Sorry, but the submission guidelines are pretty clearly stated above.

  • Laura Lovic-Lindsay

    Strange question: are you folks in the UK or Ireland, perchance?

  • thegooddoctor

    No, we aren’t. I’m based in Portland Oregon (previously Beijing, China). But we do get submissions from all over the world, including the UK and Ireland.

  • f

    i wouldn’t bother submitting here. The admin is a bleeding heart who can’t determine a story for what it is compared to an actual valid definition of misogyny.

    Fuck you.

  • Nice trolling. I feel really bad now that I refused your misogynistic story.

  • Neroli Ladner

    Did you not get my submission?