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We are always looking for interesting stories to add to the site. If you’d like to contribute, please send your story to me at doc @ entropy2 dot com in the body of the email.

A Story in 100 Words is meant to be a community for enthusiasts of flash fiction. Whether you’re a student or a published author, we’re happy to share your stories. We encourage you to read the stories of your fellow writers as well and let them know what you think. Nothing makes a writers day so much as hearing that someone has read and enjoyed their story.

We do have a few guidelines, in addition to the word limit. Please refrain from submitting pornographic stories or hateful content. If your story seems exceedingly misogynist, racist, or unnecessarily violent, it won’t be posted. We don’t have any restrictions about language and we’re not afraid to post work that might be deemed offensive, but there should be some clear literary intent behind it. If it strikes us as hateful just to be hateful, no thanks. We are the final judges.

By submitting your story, you are giving A Story In 100 Words a lifetime license to host it on our site. You of course retain all copyrights and are free to publish your work elsewhere at any time. It doesn’t matter to me if you’ve submitted your story elsewhere. If you only want your story posted in one place, and you intend to submit it somewhere else, please don’t submit it here.

No attachments please.

Make it clear who to attribute the story to and provide any links you’d like us to point to.

Provide a title, but do not include the title in the final word count.

It would be much appreciated if you make sure that your story has exactly 100 words. Otherwise we will write you back and ask that you rewrite it to the exact word count. We like to use this super convenient word count tool.

Finally, please sign up for the Entropy Squared newsletter. It comes out once per month, and among other news and original content, it spotlights the best writers from the 100-word story community.

We look forward to reading your stories.

Addendum: After many repeated problems with people submitting stories with typos or other mistakes, or wanting to edit their story after it’s been posted, or deciding for whatever reason they’d like it taken down, please, I’m begging you to VERY CAREFULLY go over your story before submitting it. When I see small errors, I correct them, but it’s annoying when I then have to readjust the word count to be exactly 100 words. I really don’t want the extra management hassle of having to fix, replace, or take down stories. So consider this the new rule: Once it’s submitted, the story is going to stay up as is. Please note that if you are not a native English speaker, I am much more forgiving of mistakes and don’t expect your stories to have perfect grammar. I have no problem editing stories in that situation.