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The Price Of Loyalty

by thegooddoctor in 100 Words

Jesse saw his blood staining the grass behind him as he was dragged across the lawn. At least he thought it was his blood. He’d taken such a beating that he was starting to worry about Mr. Jordan’s fists.

Most people thought Mr. Jordan had an awful temper and they generally quit his service after only a few weeks. Those that lasted did so because they stood up for themselves.

That meant, when Mr. Jordan was in one of his moods, Jesse was the singular focus of all the boss’s anger.

Tonight, Mr. Jordan was in one of his moods.


Old Flame

by thegooddoctor in 100 Words

“Have you been scammed? Call now!” the billboard said. A man in a suit crossed his arms in defiance. She wondered if he could see her somehow. When she got home, she followed him online, looked at photos of his family. She explored the website of his alma mater and pictured him walking through the imposing, wooden doors of the library. She found his address, learned the square footage of his home.

At their first appointment, he stood up from his desk chair to greet her. “Nice to meet you,” he said. She stifled a giggle. How could he forget?

Sarah Vernetti is a freelance writer. She lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.


A Renter’s Market

by thegooddoctor in 100 Words

It has been over two hundred years since any citizens of Sleepy Hollow, NY, have stepped outside at night.

People lock their doors at dusk and turn their TV’s to maximum volume. Yet even the thickest walls aren’t enough to keep out his screams or the roar of his engine.

He no longer rides a horse, though he’s still called the Headless Horseman, and with the continuing advances in vehicle technology, no one dares try to outrun him to the bridge. But with property values in the neighboring vicinity so expensive, no one cares to move to another suburb either.


Listing Fear: How to Tell You That I Want

by thegooddoctor in 100 Words

If the bear sits next to the wombat, and a stinkbug bats his lashless eyes at some roundness near a deer, how do I tell you about longing? The robin is silent, the rooster’s belly is a curve under fog, and I am too timid to explain what I want. If the same bear drops his fat genitals onto the pond, water too still, no one wants to look. Your patience is a woman with her voice down low, as if lined in wet fur. And this? This is me practicing, wide-eyed, my mouth a dusty O, palms spilling candy.

From Guest Contributor, Kelli Allen

Kelli Allen’s work has appeared in numerous journals and anthologies in the US and internationally. She served as Managing Editor of Natural Bridge and holds an MFA from the University of Missouri. She is currently a Professor of English and Creative Writing at Lindenwood University. Allen gives readings and teaches workshops throughout the US. Her full-length poetry collection, Otherwise, Soft White Ash, from John Gosslee Books (2012) was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize.