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He Was Born Without Fingerprints

by thegooddoctor in 100 Words

He was born without fingerprints. He naturally grew up to become a cat burglar. He never wore gloves. He was able to crawl in and out of the tiniest spaces, mostly because of his lack of fingerprints.

They called him “El Gado.” He wasn’t Spanish, but he liked the name. He thought it made him sound sophisticated. Even though he was the greatest cat burglar in history, he did not feel very accomplished. It just happened that he was born without fingerprints.

He was eventually arrested. He had failed to keep up to date on the latest in DNA technology.


Dinosaurs: A Play In One Act

by thegooddoctor in 100 Words

Scene opens with two dinosaurs standing before the erect skeleton of a third dinosaur.

Dinosaur #1: It says here we used to rule the Earth.

Dinosaur #2: That’s a myth. Just because our ancestors were large and numerous doesn’t mean we ever commanded anything.

Dinosaur #1: You’re always such a cynic.

Dinosaur #2: No, I’m a realist. If we had truly ruled the Earth, we could have prevented our own demise.

Dinosaur #1: I suppose you’re right. But what I find really curious is if we are supposed to be extinct, what are we doing in this museum?

The End.


Eye Witness

by thegooddoctor in 100 Words

Sarah watched the invasion passively, from the same armchair she watched TV. The bugs were large, maybe the size of a Volkswagen, but that might have been her perspective. They couldn’t have been that big. Her memory was exaggerating.

They were shovel-shaped and had what looked like a hard, chitinous substance as armor. They were crawling up and down the building across the street, consuming the structure in their giant mandibles.

Sarah supposed that some scientist would win a Nobel prize for decoding their DNA or anatomic structure. She would look forward to watching the documentary on the nature channel.


Eternal Regrets

by thegooddoctor in 100 Words

The shuttle pulled away and rocketed into the distance. The orbiting station would never be visited again. It had been abandoned to the cold, unforgiving emptiness of space. It was no longer an active laboratory, but the most expensive piece of space junk ever conceived.

Nadia looked up at the station with nostalgia. She had been among the last cosmonauts to leave. She wondered why they didn’t bring it back to Earth. They could turn it into a museum piece. It certainly would be worth the cost. And it was the only way she’d ever get her house keys back.


When A Lie Becomes The Truth

by thegooddoctor in 100 Words

We wrestle with conviction. It’s twisting in our teeth, fighting for a life of its own, but we desperately want to own it for ourselves. We have no choice but to believe.

Every turn, every wobble, every retreat, is endlessly battled. Neither will cede any ground to the other. We contrive and convince and cry and construct our personal visions and we won’t let go for anything. We each must be the sole owner of the truth.

We fight for our own carefully crafted version of reality. Neither wants to be the first to admit the end of our love.


The Summer The Circus Came To Town

by thegooddoctor in 100 Words

Jessica fell in love with the third clown from the end of the line. He had his face painted with a smile, suggesting he was frivolous but gallant. No sad clown for her. They had sex in the small tent where they kept the donkeys and goats and other uninteresting animals. It’s not how she imagined it would be, but the animals didn’t seem to notice, and she was in love. You can make anything romantic in the retelling when you’re talking to your grandchildren. The fact they drove him out of town with pitchforks only added to the romanticism.