Awkward Teenagers Are The Worst

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Here we have Mario, who seems to have something wrong with him, basically get sexually assaulted by USSMK (I want to make it clear I’m not implying the former led to the latter). This would be pretty humorous if it wasn’t so uncomfortable (though I won’t judge you if you thought it was funny).

We now have two examples of Incadenza brothers characterized as having some kind of deep anti-social or mental disorders. Will more be revealed about what makes it so hard for them to interact in a seemingly normal way, or is DFW saying something about how the reason they are being marginalized is because the fault lies in society or in their family dynamics? We shall see.

Other tidbits:

Hal is still finding ways to feed his addiction.

I like how Mario and USSMK were having two completely different conversations. I feel like that is a really good descriptor of most of my human interaction (and perhaps my beagle interaction as well).

I wonder if we’ll ever get an explanation for why Millicent Kent is referred to as the U.S.S.M.K. I hope it’s not because she’s overweight, but I fear that’s the reason why.

Vocab Word: Prandial During or relating to dinner or lunch.

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