See You Around Kid-My Last Jedi Review

We’re doing two things here today. First, we’re announcing the launch of the Chaos Factory YouTube channel, which has already started posting some fun content. We’ll be adding new videos every week, starting with two regular series.

Series number one is a new version of my Lord of the Rings rewatch, this time in video form. I thought it was appropriate to launch the new video channel with a look back at what has been by far the most popular series from the written blog.

Second, we’re finally debuting Worst Blank Ever, a short interview series focused on unique hobbyists. Originally intended to be part of the XRAY network along with two other original series we produced, we’ve instead decided to use it as our first flagship series at Chaos Factory. That’s why some of the early episodes date back to early last year.

Okay, now that that’s out of the way, what do I have to say about The Last Jedi? It’s extremely hard for me to be objective about a Star Wars movie, especially one prominently featuring Luke Skywalker. I’ve already seen it four times in the theater, so I think you can guess how I feel about it.

I’ll simply say that I absolutely loved it. Luke is amazing. Rey is still my favorite new character, except now maybe it’s Rose. Or Kylo Ren. I can’t decide. They are all so great.

I don’t mind the Leia-in-space episode (she wasn’t flying, she was force pulling) though I think it could have been filmed better. My main criticism, which I talk about in my video review, is the second act detour to Canto Bight. It seems aimless and poorly plotted. That could have been much tighter and given Finn and Rose more agency within the story.

But that’s just me quibbling. I love The Last Jedi.

That is all.

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