How The Police View Themselves

The Police

This is apparently how police officers view themselves:

And this is how they really are:

The Tamir Rice shooting was totally unacceptable. The police did absolutely nothing to ascertain the situation. They drove up and immediately fired. They didn’t try to engage the boy from a distance. They didn’t take the time to realize no one was nearby, and so there was no immediate threat to anyone else. This was pure recklessness and negligence.

Police MUST be held accountable for their misconduct, or these situations will continue to happen. The police are supposed to protect and serve. They are supposed to put their lives at risk to protect others. Resorting to firing their weapon MUST always be the last resort.

This shooting was unforgivable. The fact that the grand jury let the police officer walk is even worse. This cannot be allowed to continue. This is not the America I want to live in.

That is all.

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