Triple Triple Agents

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I won’t be mentioning any of the characters by name (See previous post) but I definitely enjoyed the convoluted explanations of the various intrigues our new narrator was engaged in with regards to his possible terrorist activities. Also, the Wheelchair Assassins sound quite menacing.

Even as we continue to add new characters, at least we’re seeing how they are connected. Not only are these Québecois separatists somehow involved in the dangerous cartridge that has afflicted the medical attaché, but also somehow linked to the professional conversationalist and the Incadenzas.

I’m still not entirely convinced that this isn’t all some drug-induced hallucination of Hal’s, but I’m also open to the possibility this is the plot of a James Incadenza film.

We shall see.

Moreover, for the sake of honesty, I choose not to read footnote 304, which I was directed to by footnote 39, as it seems exceedingly long. I’ll read it later.

Vocab Word: Pedalferrous A neologism – or at least a neologic conjugation.  From pedalfer (n.):  A soil in which there is no layer of accumulated calcium carbonate, but in which oxides of iron and aluminium have tended to accumulate (usually acidic and characteristic of humid climates) (This word isn’t even in my dictionary!!!!

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