The Least Disputed Worsts

In tandem with our earlier post, the Least Disputed Bests, this is a compilations of the most obvious worsts. Don’t argue with this list. Do you know who the last person to argue with this list was? Adolph Hitler.

#9 The Worst Airline

In one of the worst run industries on the planet, it’s saying a lot that United is the clear winner on this list.

#8 The Worst American President of the Millennium

It’s true today, and it will likely be true 85 years from now.

#7 The Worst M. Night Shymalan Movie

His last one. It’s always his last one.

#6 The Worst Decade for Music

And yet I love all of it? What is wrong with me???

#5 The Worst Internet Provider

Your internet provider. Wherever you are, your internet provider is the worst.

#4 The Worst Tolkien Adaptation

Peter Jackson is the fucking worst.

#3 The Worst Pies in London

Bellatrix Lestrange’s pies.

#2 The Worst Name

Carl is the worst name.

#1 The Worst Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor

Ladies and gentlemen, Dolores Umbridge!

That is all.

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