Why LOTR Sucks: The Blade That Was Broken

You know how when a butterfly flaps its wings in China, a baby dies in Canada?* This same principle is at work when you change a story to suit your purpose. The repercussions are felt where you never would have expected.

In order to give Liv Tyler a role in the movie, they needed to make changes. And those changes forced more changes. Now Liv Tyler is the one who decided to reforge the sword that was broken, Isildur’s sword, the one belonging to the heir of Gondor. For whatever reason, the decision to reforge the sword was Liv Tyler’s to make. It makes perfect sense, when you think about it.

My favorite part is when Liv Tyler and Elrond compare notes on the visions they’ve had about the future. They actually argue about it.

“You lied to me about your dream about the future!”

“No, I didn’t lie, I just left one part out.”

Also, add 3 to the total of slow motion close-ups of people crying.

Minutes Watched: 3.0:42.05

Number of Montages: 13

Number of slow motion close-ups of people crying: 53

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*This is Science. Don’t argue with it.

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