The Toxins in All My Pores

Feb 11th, 2020 by thegooddoctor in 100 Words

My name was Dr. Jillian Fisk. My specialty was genetically engineered marine invertebrates.

When Dr. Gardner stole my research grant, I was reduced to testing myself as a subject. I couldn’t know the altered hemocytes — the experimental “jelly cells” — would multiply everywhere within me.

I find Dr. Gardner and embrace him, smoothly, wordlessly, wetly. His face scalds in my translucent hands. The toxins in all my pores scorch his skin there. My gelatinous tongue fills his throat, ruptures his stomach.

I rise, bioluminescent. DR.JELLYFISH.

All the world will know the scent of salt, the sting of soft skin.

From Guest Contributor Eric Robert Nolan

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