The Last Transmission Of The Starship Pyramus

Jul 4th, 2014 by thegooddoctor in 100 Words

100 seconds to detonation. All crew evacuate immediately.

Rob, I…

You used to say “we were stardust once and we’ll all be stardust again.” You always were a sentimental son of a bitch.

Bobby, I’m about to break my promise.

60 seconds to detonation.

The Centauri ambushed us. So, new orders: set the charge. Lure them in. And then…

Well, there are worse things in life than a quick end.

30 seconds to detonation.

I’m sorry, Bobby. There’s so much to say…

Don’t worry about me. I’m staring at death,

10, 9, 8-

but all I can see is stardust.

From Guest Contributor, John Murray Lewis

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