E-Book Now On Sale

Sep 21st, 2012 by thegooddoctor in News

Book Tango is the first e-book store to offer Picasso Painted Dinosaurs, my collection of 100 100-word stories. It includes two original essays on the art of microfiction, and more than 50% of the content is available exclusively in the e-book. The collection has been sent to all major online stores, including Amazon, iBooks, and Barnes & Noble, and should be available with them in the three to four weeks.
For now, check out Book Tango, where you can purchase Picasso Painted Dinosaurs for the very reasonable price of $2.00. It is availabe in epub, pdf, and mobi formats. Your purchase of the book helps to fund the continued operation of this website.
Thank you, as always, for your support. It is greatly appreciated.

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