Client Work

Hemp CBD Connex 2020 (Event Photos)

Portland, Or

The Hemp CBD Connex, in its 6th year, brings farmers and other industry professionals face to face with consumers. The conference attracts buy in from key policymakers and stakeholders, including officials from the USDA and OLCC. This year introduced the first of its kind CBD marketplace.

Om Extracts (Premises Photos)

Jacksonville, Or

OM Extracts works with a network of sustainable farmers to formulate Mindful Medicine rooted in the flavors of their unique terroir. Using Medical Grade technology, they have built an award-winning laboratory for developing the highest quality Cannabis extract products.

Stomping Out Prohibition (Event Photos)

Portland, Or

Co-sponsored by ORCA and The Grow Off, the 2nd annual Stomping Out Prohibition party took place in December 2019 at the brand new Prism House. Good fun was had by all.

Bishop Orchard (Premises Photos)

Jacksonville, Or

Bishop Orchard produces high-quality, sun-grown cannabis is picturesque Southern Oregon. From the field to the packaging facility, they maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and professionalism. Check out their amazing team.

Sacred Flower Farms (Product Photos)

Medford, Or

Sacred Flower Farms produces sustainable, all-natural cannabis that fully unleashes the terpenes, flavonoids, and healing properties of the cannabis plant. They produce both cannabis and hemp.

Indigo Gardens (Premises Photos)

Applegate Valley, Or

Indigo Gardens cultivates nutrient dense crops meant to maximize the genetic potential of their cannabis. Their focus is on the soil, utilizing both outdoor field and greenhouse environments to embrace the natural landscape of their farm.

Event Photos 2019

Pacific Northwest

We covered a lot of events in 2019, from the Ladies of Paradise anniversary, to  Lobby Days in Salem, to awesome educational sessions from Cultivation Classic and Resource Innovation Institute.

Golden Hydro (Premises Photos)

Hillsboro, OR

Golden Hydro is a small, dedicated, and experienced team of botanists and growers. Every member of their staff has a deep passion for growing the best possible cannabis. They have invested in the latest cultivation technologies with one goal in mind: to produce top shelf, ecologically-friendly cannabis.