About The Hood Collective

We are a content and marketing team focused exclusively on the cannabis industry. With more than 20 years of combined experience in public relations, social media, marketing, photo and video, and graphic design, we have the knowledge and creative vision to tell your company story in a compelling manner.


Andrew Stead

Andrew previously worked as a marketer for COMCAST Spotlight, where he was responsible for taking advertisements from point of sale to fully realized television spots. He now is a licensed drone operator who specializes in aerial photography and videography, having worked with clients like Columbia Ford, Medigreen Collective, and Air BnB.






Artem Ponomarev

Pono proudly served in the US Marine Corps where he specialized in graphic design and photography. Since leaving the military, he has worked as a freelance designer, photographer, and videographer, with clients including Fiat Motors, Bayonet Paint, and Royale Brewing Company.






Decater Collins

Doc spent ten years as an account executive for Bright PR, helping clients such as Dow Chemical, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Research with their corporate communications, including press releases, newsletters, and article placement. He subsequently moved into the world of video and online marketing, focusing on content creation, social media strategy, and branding.