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What Should Have Been

by thegooddoctor in 100 Words

She was my first kiss at seven, she had a crush on me. She moved away a year later and was forgotten until high school when she found me on social media. I was busy, having parties and ignored her texts. In university, she found me again, through a friend, but I had no time, as I needed to study. Years later, by fortune, we bumped on the street. We talked for a few minutes, but that was all. Once more we met, this time at a funeral. Here I realized my folly, as I said goodbye to my soulmate.

From Guest Contributor Jordan Altman


Bizarre Love Triangle

by thegooddoctor in 100 Words

Jack liked to think of himself as a private man, even though everyone knew he secretly had a crush on Fiona. The only problem being Fiona was engaged to David. The other problem being David and Jack were brothers.

Jack had never mentioned his feelings for Fiona to anyone, besides his therapist. He made a point of dating regularly, and bragging about all his ex-girlfriends. But this charade fooled no one, except for perhaps Stanley, who suspected Jack was a closeted homosexual.

In the end, Jack and Fiona and David had a mature conversation, and resolved the whole situation amicably.