I am very excited to announce that Quitting The Grave is now for sale on Amazon.

coverEugene, Oregon. October, 1999. After three graves robberies–in each instance, the abducted corpse was a John Doe–the police have few leads and little interest in the case. Caya Blumenshine, a reporter for the local newspaper, canvasses Eugene, questioning anarchists, wyccans, and politicians, until her search hits upon a secluded house on the outskirts of the city. Its owner, Alexander Hilyard, a history-writing hermit who hasn’t been seen in years, may be involved in the grave robberies, or may have been the most recent victim.

Fort Vancouver, the 1830’s. A trading outpost on the Columbia river is charged with harvesting as many furs as possible for the Hudson Bay Company, while at the same time discouraging American pioneers from settling in the region. Dr. McLoughlin, the chief factor, and his three adopted sons find the undertaking challenged by the arrival of Jason Lee and his Methodist missionaries. A blood feud begins that will shape the course of Oregon history for the next two centuries.

Fort Wayne, Indiana, 1846. After the murder of her father, Helen Hunsaker wants nothing more than to escape the strictures of a society that views women as second-class citizens. She sets out on the Oregon Trail hoping to find a measure of freedom not afforded to her by her family circumstances or gender. Unfortunately, a spurned suitor chases after her and will apparently stop at nothing to win her hand in marriage.

Three stories that span more than 150 years of American history, united by a shocking mystery. How far will those responsible go to keep their secrets buried?

Quitting The Grave Book Teaser from Entropy Squared on Vimeo.

You can also purchase Ahab’s Adventures in Wonderland here.

Captain Ahab, legendary farmer, loses his leg after an encounter with Moby Dick, the infamous white rabbit who has been terrorizing farms all across Massachusetts. Hellbent on revenge, he vows to hunt the rabbit wherever it may lead. With his crew in tow, he plunges down the rabbit hole and finds himself in the amazing world of Wonderland, where caucus races, mad tea parties, and croquet with the queen await.

A mashup of Moby Dick and Alice in Wonderland, Ahab’s Adventures In Wonderland is an absurdist look at two legendary classics. You’ll never view Wonderland the same again.

And Picasso Painted Dinosaurs here.

Picasso Painted Dinosaurs is an entertaining collection of 100 100-word stories, perfect for consumption on your mobile device.

When Decater started his microfiction blog in 2009, he had no idea it would still be going strong more than 5 years later. What was initially intended as a daily writing exercise has become a platform for authors worldwide to share their 100-word stories. In 2014 alone, nearly 50 authors from 5 continents had their work featured on the blog.

Picasso Painted Dinosaurs gathers 100 of Decater’s best stories from the past five years, covering a range of genres, styles, and topics, half of which are available exclusively in this collection. In addition, there are two essays on the art of writing microfiction. With illustrations by Seattle artist Mike Simon, Picasso Painted Dinosaurs is a sometimes humorous, sometimes moving, always compelling example of the power of extremely short fiction.


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