Let The Fun Begin

And by fun, I mean torture. I’m about to begin live blogging my rewatch of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I mean Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy. I’d rather spend the next 10 hours staring at the Tolkien books lying on my shelf, but no, I’ve decided to subject myself to the movies.

Let me be clear about one thing from the start. I hated the movies. This is my attempt to quantify why, because I’m really tired of hearing about how awesome they are. They aren’t awesome. They are bad. Really bad. Not even, my expectations were so high, I was bound to be disappointed bad. Just god awful bad.

Stick around for the next 10 hours and find out why.

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  • Charles

    I just rewatched these yesterday. SO EPIC!

  • Nestor Santana

    If not for you, I would have to do this myself.  Thank the ring lords that we have you.

  • The Tao

    You are obviously homophobic.

    • http://entropy2.com/ The Good Doctor

      yes its true. i hate watching gay hobbits cry on screen in slow motion.

    • The Taoerrrrrrrr

      You are obviously homo.

  • Lauren

    this is great–it coincides with my plan to live blog about other people live blogging about things they dislike and spend way too much time blogging about. as you can see it is my passion to hate these types of blogs. after i blog about your blog for ten hours, i will then go back over my own blog line by line and tear it to shreds for its mindless drivel.  

  • Watcher

    You protest too loudly. No one puts themselves through 10 hours of something they hate if they don’t want to.

    • http://entropy2.com/ The Good Doctor

      martyrs do.

    • Sarah Goodwich

      It’s like a train-wreck.

  • http://www.facebook.com/paulo.pereira.7311 Paulo Pereira

    They are indeed horrible, but watching THAUJ almost made me nostalgic for them.

  • Sarah Goodwich

    One word: ENYA.
    Two words: Moaning banshee.

  • Very disappointed Tolkien fan

    Peter Jackson is officially first on my most hated list. Why, just why?

  • Very disappointed Tolkien fan

    I could make a better Middle Earth movie than Peter Jeckson did, without any money. (of course I need a camera and a computer for editing and filming)